40s Festival 2016

This weekend saw the 40s Festival return to Colwyn Bay, a fun weekend event where many people turn up dressed for that period.

With plans to buy a new 35mm f2 to pair with my XT1, it was a good opportunity to get out and try my hand at a bit of ‘street’ photography. A someone who is primarily a seascape/landscape photographer, these types of events are a good way to enjoy photographing strangers without the hang up of feeling like you’re imposing yourself upon them.

I met up with my friend Charlie and headed over to Cambrian to pick up the lens and catch up with the shootmirrorless folk on their inaugural get together and meet up with a number of friends. I set myself the challenge of trying my best to avoid situations where the photograph became staged. With so many photographers around and so many people kind enough to allow us to photograph them, that wasn’t always possible but my favourite photographs from those below are the ones where I met my own brief. ¬†Good to bump into Heather and Mattieu from MirrorLessons too.

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