I was born and raised in North Wales.  I moved to England at the start of my adult life to study in Bath University and spent the next decade or so living around the South of England (London and Essex) albeit with a short spell in Manchester.

It was only after returning to North Wales in my thirties that my passion for photography grew.  I’d long held an interest in the idea of photography but had struggled to make it a reality.  A few chance discussions and an impulsive decision to buy a DSLR resulted in the photography you now see in this website.


My Vision

Whilst there is a mix of content within the site, the vast majority fits within two main elements, sea/land-scapes and architecture.  My real interest is in isolating the impact of  man made objects and to present them in an often unusual way.  Whether this is without colour or the use of techniques like long exposure – I hope to provide something which the eye would not normally see.

Having grown up by the coast, seascapes continue to capture my imagination and I love how the mix of harsh weather conditions and long exposure can lead to surreal imagery.  However more recently my memories of city life have seen me venture back amongst the tall buildings.  Cities such as Liverpool, Manchester and London have a growing collection of modern architecture and I love wondering around admiring the curves and lines these present.

Above all else I want to share photographs that stir an emotional response, whether that is something ethereal or imposing but ultimately something that I find beautiful.



Copyright Notice

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Above photograph taken by Clare Owen-Jones

Left photograph taken by Patrick Metzdorf