The Kelpies and trip to Scotland

For the third year running I connected up with a number of friends from around Europe recently for a weekend ‘photo walk’. In past years we’ve been to Dorset and Ireland, this year we headed over to Scotland.

A little bit back to front, I decided to work on a photograph I took after the photo walk. My wife and I stayed in Scotland for a couple of days after the walk ended and on the last of those we took a detour via Falkirk to check out the ‘Wheel’ plus the Kelpies. The Kelpies were the thing I was most looking forward to seeing (after friends of course!) on the trip North and I wasn’t disappointed. I recently got into an discussion with someone about the value of public art with someone locally – their view being that it was all a great big waste of money. I doubt they’ve been to see the Kelpies – despite it being a Tuesday morning, there were numerous people there enjoying the sculptures and there was a general sense of peace and happiness around the area. What a dull world we’d live in without installations like this.

The beautiful 'Kelpies' sculptures in Falkirk, Scotland.

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