I didn’t expect that when I uploaded my previous photograph, of the Llyn Padarn tree, it’d be such a gap until my next published photograph. However sometimes that’s how it goes – an incredibly busy period in work, the weather and tides not quite playing ball and the usual struggle to take photographs you really believe in.

That said, I have been busy – I embraced, for the first time, a phone with a good camera – the LG G4. The old maxim, that the best camera is the one you have has proved true on a few occasions. Perhaps I’ll start a gallery of some of my mobile photography.

Anyway in the meantime, the above is a photograph I’m really happy with, taken this past weekend when it seemed I’d walk away with nothing. It was a reminder to myself that you have to keep going out, sometimes despite the conditions, as there’s always the possibility things will change. This was also taken photographing away from the sunset, one of my favourite tricks, leading to less harsh light in the sky and (though I didn’t use it here) often more pleasing colours.

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