One of the great things about living near the coast is that even on the most unpromising of days, if it starts to clear it can be worth heading out to the beach. Sunday was one of those days and with the clouds just breaking after a miserable day I grabbed my camera gear, and took Zack my dog to the beach with the intention of having a good walk even if I ended up not taking any photographs. Knowing the tide was on the way out I fancied having a stab at a different subject but the light wasn’t right for that so instead headed to Splash Point where I knew there’d be some good wave movement. I was let down.

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40s Festival 2016

This weekend saw the 40s Festival return to Colwyn Bay, a fun weekend event where many people turn up dressed for that period.

With plans to buy a new 35mm f2 to pair with my XT1, it was a good opportunity to get out and try my hand at a bit of ‘street’ photography. A someone who is primarily a seascape/landscape photographer, these types of events are a good way to enjoy photographing strangers without the hang up of feeling like you’re imposing yourself upon them.

I met up with my friend Charlie and headed over to Cambrian to pick up the lens and catch up with the shootmirrorless folk on their inaugural get together and meet up with a number of friends. I set myself the challenge of trying my best to avoid situations where the photograph became staged. With so many photographers around and so many people kind enough to allow us to photograph them, that wasn’t always possible but my favourite photographs from those below are the ones where I met my own brief. ¬†Good to bump into Heather and Mattieu from MirrorLessons too.

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I didn’t expect that when I uploaded my previous photograph, of the Llyn Padarn tree, it’d be such a gap until my next published photograph. However sometimes that’s how it goes – an incredibly busy period in work, the weather and tides not quite playing ball and the usual struggle to take photographs you really believe in.

That said, I have been busy – I embraced, for the first time, a phone with a good camera – the LG G4. The old maxim, that the best camera is the one you have has proved true on a few occasions. Perhaps I’ll start a gallery of some of my mobile photography.

Anyway in the meantime, the above is a photograph I’m really happy with, taken this past weekend when it seemed I’d walk away with nothing. It was a reminder to myself that you have to keep going out, sometimes despite the conditions, as there’s always the possibility things will change. This was also taken photographing away from the sunset, one of my favourite tricks, leading to less harsh light in the sky and (though I didn’t use it here) often more pleasing colours.

New Photograph: Llyn Padarn Tree

The Tree

Thanks to the weather and a few other factors it feels like it has been an age since I had a proper trip out to do some photography. So this weekend just past I was determined to get out and decided to have another crack at the famous tree in Llyn Padarn, Llanberis. I’ve been a few times but conditions haven’t worked in my favour. On the journey over on Sunday morning there was a bit of promise as a hint of colour started to appear as the sun was thinking of rising. On getting to the spot I met a couple of other photographers and settled into place to see what the weather would bring. Unfortunately, just as the sun would have started to appear it clouded over and also the previously still lake was now showing a little movement from a slight breeze that had picked up. In truth, I was probably the happiest person there, the conditions becoming ideal for the type of black and white photograph I’d originally planned for on the first (and subsequent trips). Managing to blag a better spot, I decided on a square format and the composition above and then gave a couple of different exposures a try. Unfortunately, the clouds also then brought drizzle and a number of spoiled efforts but thankfully amongst the first couple of frames I’d bagged the shot I wanted and this is what you see above.

2015 – words and pictures

What kind of blog doesn’t have a retrospective on the year just past eh? Well, this one nearly didn’t. However, as much as the year tailed off, I wanted to reflect on what a good year 2015 has been – it has been a year of started but rarely completed projects, of meeting new friends, of photowalks, of opportunities to talk about my photography and a widening of my photography interests. Black and white photography and the use of long exposure remain my real passions but there has been an increase in my willingness to look at the world in colour, whilst towards the end of the year I started to look up at the stars. There was even room for a new camera, my Fuji X100T, in my bag. Oh, and I also got to exhibit some of my photographs too!

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Six Plus One

This photograph is actually four years old. I was flicking through my old photos and felt this had a feel to it that I failed to make the most of when I originally edited it. It is interesting to go back and look at photographs in this way and to see how you’ve developed and changed as an artist – sometimes not always for the better. I like how I saw this and the simplicity of it back then, something I’m guilty of perhaps over thinking today but my original crop and edit failed to provide the level of serenity that the scene deserved.

The Kelpies and trip to Scotland

For the third year running I connected up with a number of friends from around Europe recently for a weekend ‘photo walk’. In past years we’ve been to Dorset and Ireland, this year we headed over to Scotland.

A little bit back to front, I decided to work on a photograph I took after the photo walk. My wife and I stayed in Scotland for a couple of days after the walk ended and on the last of those we took a detour via Falkirk to check out the ‘Wheel’ plus the Kelpies. The Kelpies were the thing I was most looking forward to seeing (after friends of course!) on the trip North and I wasn’t disappointed. I recently got into an discussion with someone about the value of public art with someone locally – their view being that it was all a great big waste of money. I doubt they’ve been to see the Kelpies – despite it being a Tuesday morning, there were numerous people there enjoying the sculptures and there was a general sense of peace and happiness around the area. What a dull world we’d live in without installations like this.

The beautiful 'Kelpies' sculptures in Falkirk, Scotland.